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Tribute to André Pisapia

Energies & devices for AF Ablation

Moderator: Julien Seitz

08:10 – Ultra low temperature cryoablation, Tom De Potter PDF
08:30 – Electroporation: a new energy for AF ablation / oesophageal deviation, Vivek Reddy
08:50 – High power RF, Agustin Bortone PDF
09:05 – High power RF, Isabel Deisenhofer PDF
09:20 – Ethanol: the Japanese experience, Kaoru Okhishige
09:40 – Discussion – Diamond Catheter: my experience, Hervé Poty PDF

AF ablation: back to the future

Moderators: Jaap Jan Smit, Christian de Chillou

10:00 – History of AF ablation (lecture) Fiorenzo Gaita PDF
10:20 –  Is star af2 the end of the story? Antony Chu PDF
10:40 – Cabana and Castle AF: what consequences on the future of AF ablation? Seth Goldbarg PDF

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Industry Symposium

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Atrial tachycardias

Moderators: Sharad Agarwal, Jérôme Horvilleur

12:30 – AT and AF two faces of the same coin? Edouard Gitenay
12:50 –  How do I ablate AT: practical cases presentation, Guillaume Theodore


Strategies for persistent AF ablation

Moderators: Isabel Deisenhofer, Tom de Potter, Clément Bars

14:10 – Anatomical approach: radiofrequency and ethanol, Thomas Pambrun PDF
14:30 – Patient-tailored approach:
EGM – Based ablation (Low voltage Fractionation Dispersion), Amir Jadidi PDF
14:50 – Anatomical approach: cryoablation, Serge Boveda
15:10 – Patient-tailored approach:
EGM – Based ablation guided by artificial intelligence, Théophile Mohr-Durdez, Jean-Paul Albenque PDF

Industry Symposium

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Ablation in children and adult congenital heart disease

Moderators: Guilhaume Duthoit, Nicolas Combes

17:00 – Ablation in children with low weight, Alice Maltret PDF
17:20 – Ventricular tachycardia ablation in congenital heart disease, Nicolas combes PDF
17:40 – New Tools for mapping of complex supraventricular arrhythmias in congenital heart disease, Javier Moreno
18:00 – Arrhythmias in grown up congenital heart disease, TBD